facebook, people who complain about social media

I never understood why people complain so much about social media. It’s always, “Facebook is stupid. I’m gonna delete my page.” I mean, really people. Facebook, Twitter, and everything else aren’t meant to be taken that seriously. They are fun. Fun things that if you chose not to, you don’t have to participate it. But people make it such a big deal. I think it’s a great resource to find people you don’t have numbers for and to get reconnected with them.

But it still has the me begging the questions why? Why do people take social media so seriously? I think people over analyze the importance of social media.

I like my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I like sharing my life with people. It’s also a way for me to get my thoughts, feelings, and ideas about things out there. You never know who’s going to read it. Hey and maybe one day that post will make all the difference in the world. Sometimes people just want to be heard. And social media is an outlet for that. No one might actually read it, but there is a chance that many people will. And I think that’s what’s powerful about social media. It can spread ideas in a matter of minutes. And sometimes that’s just a silly video on the web, but still, I think that’s amazing.

What are your thoughts? Do you think people complain too much? Do you think social media is overanalyzed?

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